Fleet Data

The IoT platform for shipping

Get instant access to view and transfer data from onboard sensors
  • Are you finding it hard to access, extract and aggregate onboard data?
  • Do you have lots of data but no easy way to transfer it into a secure place?
  • Do you want to make your data accessible to third party analytics providers or make your own performance-based decisions?

Inmarsat’s Fleet Data platform extracts the data from onboard sensors and uploads it to a secure central cloud-based database for easy access with no additional airtime cost.

Users can access all their onboard sensor data from a simple dashboard and use Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for easy customisation and analysis. Fleet Data is an enabler to improve operational efficiency, increase performance and benchmark data across an entire fleet or a single vessel. Key features include:

  • Dedicated bandwidth-inclusive service
  • Connect to sensors quickly and easily
  • Secure online dashboard
  • Download data and develop your own reports and metrics
  • Access to VDR data

How it works

Fleet Data is powered by Inmarsat’s connectivity hardware modules. Developed using our decades of technology expertise and supported by our worldwide service network for installation and maintenance, these hardware modules provide the basic building blocks of a cost-efficient vessel IoT infrastructure

Remote Data Interface modules pick up analog, digital or serial sensor data throughout the ship for onboard data collection, while the Vessel Remote Server module connects to the vessel’s existing network/communication infrastructure for data transfer to shore.

fleet data - how it works

Fleet Data Dashboard

The Fleet Data dashboard provides a gateway to all sensor and VDR data collected onboard.

The ship operations team on shore can request data from specific sensors or set up a schedule of regularly recorded serial, analog and digital data downloads from each connected sensor.

The data can be displayed in customisable dashboards for monitoring of various vessel parameters from shore (such as position, speed, RPM, etc.), as well as trends within the data over time.

fleet data dashboard
Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Report

Are you IoT ready?

As further International Maritime Organization rules loom limiting emissions from ships, ushering in an era of new more expensive fuels, IIoT-connected shipboard sensors provide a ready answer to monitor, report and verify fuel use, for example. Today, 65 per cent of ship owners have or are trialling IIoT-based fuel consumption monitoring, with 9 per cent more to do so within 12 months.


Certified Application Providers

abb logo
Fleet Data


ABB’s analytics monitoring and decision-making software enhances ship efficienct and benchmarks fleet performance.

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ascenz logo
Fleet Data

Ascenz – Shipulse

Ascenz’s Shipulse is a smart-shipping solution that provides complete vessel and fleet management on one single platform.

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i4sea logo
Fleet Data

i4sea: i4cast® platform

i4sea provides a high-precision sea and weather forecasting application with up to seven days forecasting in advance through i4cast®’s Atm Ocean® tool.

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influencing business logo
Fleet Data


InfoSHIP® PERFORMANCE is a whole new way of collecting, extracting and processing data from any system installed onboard a ship, along with data from day-to-day operations.

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Fleet Data

METIS Cyberspace Technology

The METIS A.I. powered platform delivers real-time monitoring of machinery equipment, advanced performance evaluation, and predictive data analytics

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napa logo
Fleet Data

NAPA Fleet Intelligence

Software, Services, and Data Analysis for Ship Design and Operation, available through Fleet Data NAPA combine naval architecture, shipping, and digital expertise to help maritime business make the decisions that matter.

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nautic logo
Fleet Data

nauticAi BOQA

Highly visual Fleet Data with automated Bridge Operational Quality Assurance (BOQA) functionality. nauticAI is a Finnish maritime IoT provider, specialising in data-driven intelligent awareness solutions such as BOQA.

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Fleet Data

Nautilus Labs

Nautilus Labs uses the Fleet Data API (Application Programming Interface) to help automate data collection as part of Nautilus Platform, a proprietary fleet optimisation UI (user interface) that provides shipping owners and operators with predictive analytics to reduce fuel consumption, improve decision making, and meet international and local environmental standards – all in real time.

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Fleet Data


PortXchange provides a centralized platform for sharing real-time data about the port call to align shipping lines, carriers, agents, terminals, and port authorities.

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Fleet Data


FleetOnCloud offers a new approach to the management of “shipping operations” by best combining ship-generated data with decision support and predictive tools in the Cloud, with the aim of maximizing efficiency and safety of navigation.

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Fleet Data


A TCE optimization system that combines High Frequency Data with commercial, weather, and vessel data in order to suggest the optimal route, speed, RPM and Bunkering location.

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